I see you
brunette with the gray cardigan
tall man with suit briefcase and ipod
perky chick with perkier puppy
bet she can’t find iraq on a globe
gray-haired hispanic woman
big-eyed baby in her arms
bearded sunburn on a cardboard square
don’t make eye contact
two giggling asian girls
short skirts long leggings
loud “two for five dollars!”
walk faster we’re too busy for knock-off purses
three college guys laughing
mom pushing a stroller
family of four huddled around a map
don’t they know
better than to look like
young couple holding hands
old couple holding hands
stumbling mumbling bumbling nutcase
honey hold tighter
two backchatting black girls
tight jeans loose blouses
scratchy-voiced melody with a guitar
could be jimi hendrix but
I’m not throwing any quarters in that tin
toddler throwing a tantrum
pack of women in headscarves
cute little girl selling lemonade on the corner,
are you thirsty?
Me neither, but she’s adorable
where’s my wallet?

--Anonymous, 18

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